Sunday, September 5, 2010

Review for Gainesville Green Sense

Gainesville Green Sense is spice blend sold in Gainesville, FL head shops. It is a non psychoactive herb blend coated with the synthetic cannabinoid JWH-018. I picked up some the other day on the recommendation of a friend.

Taste 4/5
Price 2/5 (only a couple bucks cheaper than the good stuff)
High 3/5
Duration 3/5
(Price is the only category where I actually compared it to real smoke)

It was pleasant but felt more like I had just smoked a bowl of mids than a bowl of high quality sinsemilla and the price of it was about the same as high quality buds. Honestly worth the few extra bucks and the slight risk to just get good bud.

A couple smoking friends of mine have reported head aches after the high wears off, though this did not occur for me. And I have read of people getting paranoid and basically freaking out, and I could only see this happening to someone who has never smoked weed before and who smoked too much of this too quickly.

All in all I'd say if you're already with the sensi then just stick with it.


  1. Nomnomnom.. I think you'd appreciate some banana bread to go with that ;] only joking.. but yeah.. never tried salvia.. it though.

  2. I might have to try that out! Good info, thanks for posting your review!

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